As winter turns to spring, it doesn’t take much for a small spark to flare into a wind-whipped wildfire.

According to fire officials, right now is the prime season for wildfires.

The Otis and Mariaville fire deputy chief Karen Murray says it’s important to stay alert this season as these types of fires are known to spread quickly and easily.

“It’s really dry, and one little spark of some sort can set it off, and then it just goes across the ground,” Murray said.

As the snow melts, dry brush and dead leaves covering the ground plus the strong sunlight can be the perfect fuel for a fire.

“But now, even though we’ve had a bunch of rain, that top fuel on top of the ground right now is super dry and that really burns really quick, so fires can escape and get away from people very often. I would say just make sure you get a permit, keep an eye on the weather, and just be extra cautious this time of year,” said Ben Goodwin, district forest ranger for the Downeast district.

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