When the Grizzly Creek Fire erupted in Glenwood Canyon on the relatively normal afternoon of Aug. 10, Glenwood residents were stopped in their tracks as the intimidating plume of smoke quickly grew in the sky and loomed to the east.

Rafters floating on the Colorado River helplessly watched on as the blaze tore up the side of the canyon walls, engulfing what so many know and love.

Longtime No Name resident Greg Jueng was home with his wife when the fire started and remembers seeing the smoke billowing not far from his house.

“The day it started coming over the ridge towards No Name Creek and going west, that was pretty scary because at that point it was only a quarter mile away,” Jueng said. “The air resources helped so much.”

“I almost want to kiss the ground they walk on because I know that it’s a hard job … and to just thank them for their availability and ability to come from far away to be able to help as needed.”

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