Tasmania’s aerial firefighting capacity has been ramped up ahead of the summer bushfire season, with a fleet of 11 pre-positioned aircraft now ready to be deployed as part of the State government’s safety plan.

“This year we have increased our pre-positioned fleet by over 50 percent and the aircraft include a mix of fire-bombing, air supervision and aerial intelligence-gathering aircraft,” said the state Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Mark Shelton.

He added that the fleet comprised seven helicopters and four fixed-wing aircraft.

Located in Hobart and Launceston

The craft will be located in Hobart and Launceston so that they can be moved quickly around Tasmania to respond to fires, or staged at strategic locations across the state on days of increased bushfire risk.

In addition, local aircraft are available to assist where required, taking the total firefighting aircraft available in Tasmania to 28, Shelton said.

“This will ensure a rapid response to bushfires that do start, keeping fires small until ground crews arrive,” he stated.

More firefighting money in budget

“Tasmania is well prepared for the bushfire season and we recognize the importance of having access to a sophisticated, flexible aerial firefighting capability to respond to bushfires, protect communities and to support firefighters on the ground.”

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