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Air Tractor AT-802 – The newest weapon of the Israeli air force

Israel possesses one of the most powerful air forces of the Middle East. Because of this, it was shocking that Medinat Yisrael (The State of Israel) went to its knees in early December 2010 because it was not able to appropriately face, fight and win the battle against the wildfire.

2015 European Aerial Firefighting Conference

The 2015 European Aerial Firefighting Conference, organized by Tangent Link, a specialized UK-based conference and exhibition organizer, took place April 29-30, 2015 in the beautiful Croatian coastal city of Zadar.

Avialsa celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The aviation company gathered workers and their families at the aerodrome of Viver on 12 December, the Valencian aerospace company, Avialsa T-35 SL, celebrated its 50th anniversary.