“Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants any pain. But, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” I was planning to knock the smile off his face the next time I saw him, but then I thought … hey … maybe this guy has it right and rains in California are a sign that 2017 will be a great year for Valley Air Crafts. I started counting my blessings; the drought that has been plaguing my agricultural customers is over, reservoirs have been replenished and are now perfect for scooper water bombers, I just delivered another new AT-802F firefighting aircraft to a long-time customer and LA County Fire gave the AT-802 Scooper Fire Boss an honorable mention in its recent Aircraft Program Analysis report. My challenge remains to convince LA County and its state partners to seriously consider a “Buy American” Air Tractor solution vs. 23 years of contracting highly subsidized CL-415 Super Scoopers from a foreign government. Maybe President Trump will have something to say about that.]]>