Firebosses Visit Olney, Texas and Olney Volunteer Fire Department gets a chance for a closer look.

It’s homecoming season this time of year in Texas, and a pair of Air Tractor AT-802A “Firebosses” have stopped off in their original hometown of Olney after a busy fire season that took them all over the United States.  Fireboss Tanker 202 and Fireboss Tanker 211 are both owned and operated by Dauntless Air, of Appleton, Minnesota.  

The airplanes started their 2019 fire season in April of this year on a state of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources aerial firefighting contract.  In May these airplanes flew all the way to Alaska to fight fires on a Federal fire contract.  In July these two airplanes left Alaska and moved south, through the Pacific Northwest, which had a wetter-than-average (thus slower-than-average) fire season and ended up right down the road in Mineral Wells, TX.

Firefighters from the Olney Volunteer Fire Department had a chance to take a closer look at these impressive firefighting machines up close when the planes spent a few days at the Olney Municipal Airport on their way to their winter maintenance bases, where they will be repaired, maintained, and freshened up for the 2020 fire season.

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