Aerial assets and resources continue to be scrambled to Australia’s west as the fire risk in Western Australia continues to grow. The fire has now consumed over 22,000 acres outside of the Western Australian capital city of Perth. The fire has continued to grow in strength over the past several days, taking 81 homes with it as it has broken containment lines three times in the past days.

McDermott Aviation has multiple helicopters on scene in Western Australia and has continued along with multiple other aerial assets in fighting the fires non stop throughout each day as evidenced by the flight track of McDermott Aviation aircraft sent to AerialFire magazine by Simon McDermott illustrating just one day of firefighting efforts by the company aircraft and their hard working crews.

McDermott Aviation currently has 5 Bell 214B’s, an Airbus AS355 Twin squirrel two Airbus As365 Dauphins fighting to protect people and property during the firefighting effort.

“A big thanks to our flight crew, refuellers, engineers, and office staff, both in Perth and around Australia, and also all of the other flight crews, but most importantly the fire fighters on the ground; Without boots on the ground, our efforts are in vain” said Simon McDermott of the efforts being undertaken by the company’s crews, that of other aerial firefighting companies and ground firefighters who are all working towards extinguishing the massive blaze in an effort to contain it before it reaches the Perth suburbs.