A Large Air Tanker, Conair Q400MR, that will help fight fires during this year’s bushfire season, has arrived at Bundaberg Airport from overseas.

The Conair Q400MR is one of the most advanced air tankers available today and is capable of dropping 10,000 litres of water, along with retardant and firefighting foam.

It features a quick response on initial dispatches and turnarounds, a cruise speed of 370 knots and a drop speed of 125 knots.

Firefighting aircraft previously used in the Bundaberg Region included an air tractor AT802F, which was only capable of carrying up to 3200 litres of water, fire retardant and fire suppressant.

Aviation enthusiast and photographer Dan Beck said he watched the Conair Q400MR fly in over his house on Monday afternoon.

“It was quite a special to see it fly in over Bundaberg,” Dan said.

“I went down to the airport to take some photos of it and got a wave from the crew.”

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