Facebook Live video gives status of 18,774-acre grasslands fire in Grant County

OLYMPIA – Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and Todd Welker, Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Southwest Region manager, in a Facebook Live video today offered an update on the “243 Fire” in Grant County near Beverly, Wash., which has burned nearly 19,000 acres since it started earlier this week.

“We are partnering with our local and federal wildfire fighting forces, who are doing tremendous work to surround and contain the spread of the wildfire in Grant County,” said Commissioner Franz. “Our number one concern and priority as we work together to put out this growing wildfire is the safety of residents and our firefighters.”

She added that many people may be more familiar with wildfires in the context of forest landscapes, but grassland fires behave differently because they are easily impacted by changes in wind speed and direction.

Watch Commissioner Franz’s Facebook Live video here. And follow @waDNR_fire on Twitter for updates on the 243 Fire and others throughout the year. Also follow the Grant County Sheriff’s Office (@GrantCoSheriff) on Twitter for updates on the fire and evacuation information.

As of this morning, the status of the fire is as follows:
18,774 acres have burned
It is 25 percent contained
The fire is moving east
There are 380 firefighters – state, local and federal – on the ground

DNR has provided the following resources:

Two helicopters
Two small planes (fire bosses)
20 firefighters
Two strike teams of engines (five engines)
DNR is monitoring the fire and will respond with more support as needed