Mr. Robert Gallagher President and CEO of the Coldstream Group of Companies and Mr David Rath CEO of Precision (Helicopters), LLC and affiliated companies are pleased to announce the Firecat program has expanded to the United States. Under contract, Coldstream will provide multiple Airbus 332L1 – Fircats to Precision while helping support and converting Precision’s AS332L1s.

This joint collaboration is designed to augment and bolster USFS, Calfire and other State Forest agency Type 1 helitanker requirements this summer. These aircraft are Standard Category Type 1 Heli and are able to move up to 18 firefighters quickly to a fire (167 kts / 309 km/hr) and provide immediate close air support with 10,000 lbs of water to protect communities. These are the newest Type 1 Standard Category Helicopters to enter the US aerial firefighting arsenal without restrictions.

The Coldstream Group has entered into a multifaceted contract with Precision based out of McMinnville Oregon to provide multiple fully equipped AS 332L1s converted into Firecats to support wildfire operations, electrical grid infrastructure, and construction across the United States. These aircraft with be fully operated by Precision and supported by The Coldstream Group of Companies in a leasing and technical support role.