At Ease | The Rise of a Fire Pilot

IF, God forbid, a small curl of smoke on our Blue Mountain Range grew into a full-on mountain fire, and CalFire attack planes bloated with fire retardant were called in, Jimmy Ferreira could be in the driver’s... Read More...

Jamie’s Fire Boss parts journey

My name is Bobbi Jo, and I am the office manager for Aero Spray, Inc. in Minnesota. I have a cute little story of a parts delivery for a Fire Boss working in Alaska. I asked John Schwenk, my boss, if I could d... Read More...

Bug bombers in the sky

More than 35 years ago, a few folks got together and came up with a wild idea: Let’s get a bunch of aerial applicators from across the state and put together an aerial firefighting program that could help the rural fire departments in the event of a large wild or grass fire.