Bridger Aerospace last week took delivery of scooper 284, the fourth CL-415 EAF from Viking Aircraft. The new scooper will have little rest time as it heads out almost immediately to join the companies rapidly growing fleet that are already deployed around the United States on firegrounds.

“The delivery of unit 284 marks a significant milestone for us and the CL-415EAF program. This is the fourth Super Scooper delivered in just a little over two years. We are delighted that the conversion was managed and executed to ensure that we could add another critical aerial firefighting asset to a very challenging fire season. Thank you to the dedication and conversion service by Cascade Aerospace and Viking Air Limited, who oversaw this project. So far, well over a million gallons of water have been dropped on fires, with three other Scoopers. When 284 joins the fight shortly, it will add even more waterbombing power to protect life, property, and habitat.” Said K Mita, Public Relations and Marketing Director for Bridger Aerospace.

Bridger’s scooper fleet of scoopers 281, 282, 283, and now 284 is backed up by several DeHavilland Twin Otters, Several turbine bird dog aircraft, and an increasing fleet of UAV aircraft used on firegrounds to map fire progress.