Local aerial wildfire management, response, and suppression company, Bridger Aerospace is going the extra mile to support local health authorities and emergency services with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19. With 34 COVID-19 cases already confirmed this week in Montana and over 42,400 confirmed cases in the United States, the company is preparing its aircraft for emergency medical transportation as the speed of infection rate continues to soar.

Bridger Aerospace has offered aerial transportation services using its Type 1 Air Tactical Ground Supervisor (ATGS) platforms. These aircraft have been committed to Bozeman Health to airlift emergency supplies that will be used to treat patients. Several of Bridger Aerospace’s work crew have been relocated to Bozeman hospital to expedite the completion of approximately 60 hospital beds. The company has also offered to deliver blood drive services in Montana. During this uncertain time, Bridger Aerospace is also supporting its workforce by ensuring all employees’ wages, both salary and hourly, are paid in full.

In conjunction with supporting local health organizations with the COVID-19 outbreak, Bridger Aerospace is maintaining full output of its aircraft ready to respond to wildfire incidents and outbreaks as the 2020 wildfire season approaches.

CEO at Bridger Aerospace, Tim Sheehy, said “in just a week we have seen tectonic shifts in many of the fundamentals of global life. In the US alone, we have seen numbers rise from the hundreds to over 42,000 confirmed cases in just a few weeks. It’s important for us to do our bit as a company and as individuals in these uncertain times. Bridger Aerospace is committed to providing support to local health organizations and emergency services. We have volunteered our services and resources to help combat the outbreak and flatten the curve. We will do this while we continue to prepare and maintain our fleet to effectively manage the 2020 wildfire season.”

About Bridger Aerospace

Bridger Aerospace is the only full-spectrum aerial firefighting service provider in the United States, delivering next-generation aviation services for wildfire response, management, and suppression. Bridger operates best-in-class Type 1 Air Attack platforms, Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT), CL-415 EAF Water Scoopers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Counter UAS Systems (X-MADIS) to facilitate an effective and successful firefighting mission. For more information, please visit, www.bridgeraerospace.com.