Air tankers are dropping a retardant line between the Canim Lake wildfire in British Columbia and homes in the area.

BC Wildfire Service information officer Jessica Mack said the move is a “preventive measure to make sure homes stay safe right now.” A heavy-lift helicopter is also dropping water on the wildfire, which has grown to 700 hectares in size. Mack said the last update she received suggests the wildfire continues to move up the slope, away from the community.

Aerial crews are working the Canim Lake fire because it’s burning in super steep terrain, she added.

The Cariboo Regional District has expanded an evacuation alert in the Canim Lake and Forest Grove area Monday afternoon, July 5, due to the 700-hectare Canim Lake fire.

The alert applies to Canim Lake Area #2, which stretches along the southwestern edge of Canim Lake west to Bryce Road and south to Pappas Road in Forest Grove. An existing evacuation alert for the southeast end of Canim Lake and the Canim Lake Band has been in place since Friday.

Cariboo Regional District Chair Margo Wagner, who also represents Forest Grove-Canim Lake, said the alert will now cover the whole of Eagle creek road, Hawkins lake, Ruth Lake and the bulk of Forest Grove.

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