Firefighters from around the country will descend on Salmon next month for their annual wildland firefighter and rappel training at the National Forest training base.

During the first week of May, 62 veteran rappellers, along with 12 support staff and two helicopters with flight crews will train for aerial missions to fight fires during the upcoming fire season. During the second week of May, 31 veteran rappellers and 13 support staff and three helicopters with crews will be in town for training.

“Starting on Monday, it’s going to be the veteran rappellers in town,” said Amy Baumer, Salmon-Challis National Forest spokesperson. “We are not hosting the rookie rappel training this year in Salmon.”

Also, the Salmon Air Base will teach Spotter Immersion training during the third week of May. Eight people will train to prepare themselves for becoming a qualified rappel spotter to deploy rappellers and cargo safely.

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