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Courage Under Fire – The Creek Fire Rescue

A normal holiday weekend turns into a rescue for the record books for Stockton, California based Chinook and Black Hawk crews. What started as a typical holiday long weekend for Chief Warrant Officer 5 Joseph Rosamond and his crew would end with the rescue of several...

Kestrel Aviation – Innovating to Keep Australians Safe

Beginning operations in 1985, many would be surprised to know that Kestrel Aviation began not an aerial firefighting company, but as a training provider. Although training is still a significant component of what the company does, Kestrel Aviation has grown to be very...

The Evolution of Firefighting Mission Equipment

Nowadays, aircraft operators and fire-fighting authorities take for granted capabilities that up until a few years ago didn’t exist. In this article, we look at how aircraft capability has evolved from the early simple mechanical “pull the lever” designs, to today’s...

Hillsborough County – Leading The Way on Multi-Agency Training

Not having a plan when it comes to aerial firefighting operations can create critical issues; this has been demonstrated in many after-action reports of major fires where topics such as communications have hampered the ability to fight a fire effectively. After a...

In Memoriam – Chip Paige

The aerial firefighting industry lost a much-loved pilot this week after veteran pilot Chip Paige was lost in a helicopter accident outside of Mesa, Arizona while ferrying his aircraft back from servicing. The crash, captured on several amateur videos, shows the...

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