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DART Aerospace – Innovating for a Safer Tomorrow

In the aerospace world, industry juggernaut companies often start with humble beginnings; DART and Simplex Aerospace are two of those companies. With parallel origins, DART Aerospace began operations in Canada in 1975 as a design certification house. Portland-based...

Mitigating America’s Wildfire Threat

Having spent much of my adult life in California fighting some of the most catastrophic fires in America's history, about this time every year, as the wildfire threat kicks into high gear, I face the same question from federal, state, and local officials. "What can be...

CAL FIRE – Changing the Game With the S-70i

When the average person thinks about aerial firefighting, images that come to mind are often of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft dropping water and retardant lines around or directly on fires. Synonymous with those mental images is the familiar sight of some of the...

Australian Fire Season In Review

As the nightmare fire season of 2019/2020 was still very fresh in the minds of all Australians, the world was soon to face the next big challenge. As the COVID-19 virus became a worldwide pandemic, the ferocity of initial infections and casualties quickly spread...

Tower Tech – Chasing the American Dream

Titus Gall is, in his own words, fortunate and continually grateful for his lot in life. Born in Holland to Dutch parents and immigrating to the United States as a toddler, Titus grew up in a family of 12 children. Gall traces the success of his business, Tower Tech...

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