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Aerial Firefighters Steal the Show at Heli-Expo 2020

One could have been easily confused as to whether they were attending the right helicopter convention at this year’s Heli-Expo 2020 held in Anaheim, California in January. A look at some of the major helicopter exhibits could have easily confused an attendee that they...

Night Aerial Firefighting – Taking the Fight 24/7

Aerial firefighting operations during a wildfire typically run from sunrise to sunset. That is the way aerial firefighting has been conducted since aircraft were first employed in the battle against wildfires – until recently.  Night aerial firefighting has seen...

Erickson Incorporated – Leading the S-64 Air Crane into the Next Generation

Founded in 1971, Erickson Incorporated began operations as Erickson Air Crane, a name the company would operate under until its rebranding in 2014 as Erickson Incorporated. The company was founded by Jack Erickson, who after leasing an S-61 for logging operations,...

The Drop: Australia Can’t Catch a Break

I recently returned from a trip to Australia, and I can tell you, the extensive fires you were seeing on the news were not exaggerated. The devastation was everything you would imagine and more. Although I arrived about a week after the worst of the firestorm weather...

Aerial Firefighting North America Show Highlights

The two-day Aerial Firefighting North America conference hosted by Tangent Link was held this year in Sacramento at the McClellan conference center at the former McClellan Airforce base in Sacramento. Beginning with an opening keynote address from Thom Porter,...

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