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Taking Action to Mitigate Risk

Off-Season Preparation for Fire Season Success Given the nature of the industry, aerial firefighting is faced with a unique set of risks, complex issues related to the health and safety of the dedicated team who perform the difficult task of protecting life, property,...

FEATURE: Coastal Air Strike – The New Kid in Town

Michael Hutchins began his aviation career in the vast and complex world of aerial application, initially loading aircraft and eventually, through hard work and determination, working his way to flying for the company that he now owns, Custom Air. Starting over 30...

Editorial – Training the Next Generation

How many people can say they fight fires from the sky? Pilots flying the CL-415EAF (Super Scooper) aircraft from Bridger Aerospace skim a water source to scoop up thousands of gallons of water into an onboard tank in under 12 seconds. Then drop it on a fire in some of...

SEI Industries – Pushing the Bambi Bucket Further

SEI Industries is a name that may not be as familiar to many as their flagship product, the Bambi Bucket, used around the world in over 100 countries to fight forest fires. The big orange bucket dangling from under helicopters is synonymous with fighting wildfires and...

Multi Mission Done Right – Charlotte County Sheriff

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) Aviation unit is still a relative newcomer to aviation compared to others in the field that have been in operation for 30 or 40 years. Nonetheless, the CCSO unit,  since 1996, has transformed from a law enforcement-focused...

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